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English Pottery: Please note that only a small part of our inventory is illustrated here. Please contact us for your specific needs.
An Engllish delft tin glaze plate painted in blue with floral decoration in the Chinese taste.
England, circa 1750
An English delft tin glaze plate with chinoiserie floral decoration. England, circa 1760
An English molded and reticulated salt glaze stoneware plate.
Circa 1760-70.
A set of 6 Davenport pearlware pottery dessert plates molded with overlapping leaves in turquoise and green.
England, circa 1820
An English pearlware basketweave molded miniature cradle painted in Pratt colors. Circa 1800-1820.
A very rare English pearlware model of a woven reed chair with Pratt style yellow decoration.
Circa 1800.
Two English pearlware leaf form pickle dishes in underglaze blue Ca 1800.
Two English creamware leaf form pickle dishes.
Circa 1800
wedgwood coffeepot#16192
A Wedgwood creamware baluster form coffeepot transfer printed with the Tea Party. Upper case Wedgwood mark.
England, circa 1770-80
A Staffordshire pottery fox head stirrup cup.
England, mid 19th century.

English pearlware pottery teapot painted in Pratt colors.
England, circa 1800
A pair of Spode pearlware reticulated dessert plates painted in polychrome with floral decoraion.
Impressed mark.
Circa 1810
An English pearlware pitcher painted with scenes of children playing games.
Circa 1835-
English pearlware sauceboat with molded green feather edge.
England, circa 1800
Canary Yellow Staffordshire  
Canary yellow pottery pitcher finely painted with floral decoration in polychrome enamels. England, circa 1810
A Canary yellow pitcher with black transfer decoration of "The Milkmaid" and a floral bouquet on the reverse.
England, ca 1810
A charming canary yellow pottery child's milk mug painted in enamels with floral decoration.
England, circa 1810
An unusual large English canary yellow pitcher with a blue green transfer landscape roundel and silver lustre trim.
Circa 1820.
An English canary yellow waste bowl painted in polychrome with floral decoration.
England, circa 1810
An English canary yellow child's tea pot with black transfer decoration after Adam Buck.
England, circa 1810.
An English canary yellow teacup and saucer with black transfer romantic landscape decoration.
England, circa 1810.
An English canary yellow child's cup with pink lustre decoration.
England, circa 18
Staffordshire Transfer Earthenware    
English Staffordshire blue transfer plate with a romantic landscape scene.
England, circa 1825
An English transfer printed earthenware sauce ladle printed in the Willow Pattern.
Circa 1820.
Early Staffordshire Pottery Figures  
A very unusual Staffordshire shell form inkwell.
England, circa 1830
An early 19th c. pearlware figural group of "The Sailor's Return"
Staffordshire, circa 1820

An early English pearlware classical figure of Venus and Cupid.
England, circa 1800 -10

A rare English Pratt decorated pearlware dovecote bird feeder.
Circa 1790-1800.

A Staffordshire pearlware square base figure of a man in breeches and a black hat.
England, circa 1820-30

An early 19th century pearlware figure of a fish
seller painted in Pratt colors.
England, circa 1810


An early Staffordshire creamware figure of a man holding a goose with splash green and ground glaze decoration.
England, circa 1800


A group of small early 19th century pearlware square based Staffordshire figures of Turks.
England, circa 1800-1810,

An early 19th century pearlware figure of a reclining deer on a grassy mound. England, circa 1820


An early 19th c. English Staffordshire pearlware putto carrying a basket
of flowers.
England, circa 1810
An early 19th c. English Staffordshire pearlware putto carrying a basket with a bocage background.
England, circa 1810
Small Staffordshire canary yellow figure of a recumbent lamb.
England, circa 1820

A group of early 19t century pearlware figures, two painted in Pratt colors.
England, circa 1800-1820

A group of three English pearlware figures of classical Putti
Circa 1810
An early 19th century Staffordshire figure of a Shepherdess with a lamb on a high green mound.
England, circa 1810-20.

Two early Staff-ordshire figures of a seated man on a mound, one with sponged decor-ation, the other in canary yellow. Circa 1810 Right Sold

Victorian Staffordshire Pottery Figures:    
A rare Staffordshire pottery covered box, the lid with a large figure of Jumbo, the elephant.
England, circa 1860.
A rare Staffordshire pearlware figure of Benjamin Franklin.
England, circa 1830-50
A pair of Victorian Staffordshire spill holders in the form of peacocks on a grassy mound.
England, circa 1850

A group of late 19th century Staffordshire cats.
A group of Victorian Staffordshire figures including a little girl on a red painted spaniel, a cottage bank, a toper and a figure of Punch. England, circa 1850-70.
Figure on left SOLD
Two 19th century Staffordshire figures - a hunter with his rifle and a lady with a lamb.
England, circa 1850-60
. #15526
A pair of small Victorian Staffordshire figures of young girls with plumed hats and ermine muffs.
England, circa 1850

Two small Staffordshire pottery figures of lions.
England, circa 1860

Lion on Left SOLD


A Victorian Staffordshire miniature toy jug.
England, circa 1860-70



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